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Newsletter 22 September 2019

Jesus has more to say about money and how we use it than nearly any other ethical or moral matter in the gospels. And Luke the evangelist gives us more of these sayings, parables, and teachings than any other evangelist. Though the steward is being released from his position due to some dishonesty, he now…
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Newsletter 15 September 2019

Liturgical Seasons of the Year - Our church year is broken up into distinct seasons and these seasons are identified by colour.  We are fast approaching the end of the calendar year. At the same time, we are approaching the end of the church year (in November) which is marked by the Feast of Christ…
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Newsletter 8th September

First Communion Today Jude Poole, Willem Buijtendijk, Lachlan Leicester, Te Hukinga Robinson, CelestineTudlasan, Elijah Stephens, Wade Kui, Mackenzie Palmer,  Laura Gyde, Olly Perrett, Noah Hignett, Xavier Pascoe, Te Koha Domb, Tianara Domb, & Orewa Domb will receive First Communion. A special thanks to  Erica Stephens, Terese Orchard,  Sheree Perrett, Carol Curtis & Janelle Wright for…
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Newsletter 1 September 2019

First Holy Communion Practise this  Tuesday 5th September at 7pm. First Holy Communion will be celebrated  next Sunday 8th September at our 9.30am Mass The Parish Office has a number of First Communion gifts for sale at the Mission Centre, Mon-Fri 9-12 weekly. Download full newsletter here -Newsletter 1 Sept
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