Newsletter 10 March 2019

Living the Paschal Mystery


Human beings are faced with temptations that concern our well-being (bread), our own power and glory (kingdoms of the world), or the limits of God’s power (throwing oneself off the parapet of the temple). Jesus overcame each of these temptations with the power and knowledge of Scripture, and secure in his relationship with God as his son. As Jesus faced such fundamental temptations we shouldn’t be surprised by temptation either. However, in Luke’s telling there might be slight disservice to the reader. For our temptations will likely not come in the physical personification of the devil. But we will be tempted nonetheless, by appeals to our well-being, our own power and glory, and what we would consider the limits of God’s power. If we, like Jesus, can be assured of our relationship with God, secure in our filial relationship with the divine, we can overcome temptation as well. Though the devil left Jesus for a time, he did return. And it was then that the ultimate temptation faced Jesus. Then he trusted in God to the point of death, only to be raised up to new life.

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