Newsletter 18 August 2019


No one gets through this life unscarred.  God’s desire is that everyone is healed and grows in wholeness and holiness.  To achieve these things is to become more fully human.  Many of the gospel accounts speak about Jesus’ desire to bring healing to our world including people’s physical, spiritual and emotional well being.  In this modern era, we are blessed with medical people including doctors, nurses and scientists, who dedicate their lives to healing people’s bodies and minds.  These amazing people work miracles every day and we are blessed by their healing gifts.  Many of us have experienced first hand, the miracle of physical healing.

When it comes to healing our minds though, many people hesitate seeking professional help for a variety of reasons, including the stigma associated with mental illness.  People such as rugby great John Kirwan and entertainer Mike King have done a lot to help remove this stigma but I think it’s fair to say we still have a long way to go.

When we read about the healing miracles of Jesus, you cannot help but get the impression that he was concerned for the whole person, healing not just people’s physical or mental ills but also their spiritual selves.  In the marvellous story of the paralyzed man who is brought to Jesus by his friends who lower him down through a ceiling (to get to Jesus) the first thing Jesus says to the man is “Friend, your sins are forgiven you” Luke 5:20.  Then he heals the man’s physical impairment allowing him to stand and walk.  This miracle in, two parts, was met with amazement by the people gathered and we are told they were filled with awe Luke 5:26.

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