Newsletter 20 October 2019



Mission Sunday reminds us that God says to each of us: “up and leave your place”.  Leave all that can lock us down in mediocrity – for some that is routines, for others tired agendas and pet hobby horses, and for others again perhaps it’s overdoses of Facebook and Instagram etc. Set free of traps, we can bring the beauty and kindness of faith somewhere else, somewhere new, which may be just round the corner.


Faith transforms every possible human situation. Mission Sunday prompts us therefore to step back and marvel at the breadth and depth of our Christian faith. Let’s relish the good at work in our communities, let’s take courage from the lives of our saints, sung and unsung, let’s grow in appreciation of our faith for which others have even died, let’s remember kiwi missionaries abroad – lay volunteers, Columban Fathers, Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions, De La Salle Brothers etc.


In many regions and countries simply being a Catholic is dangerous. Our collection next week helps the Church in such places by supporting education and healthcare, pastoral programmes and family development projects, the protection of democracy etc which are all fruits of Jesus’ Good News of mercy, compassion, justice, peace, and eternal life.


Mission Sunday is for us all. Our prayers and offerings show that in Christ we are all brothers and sisters of our worldwide human family.


Monsignor Brian Walsh

Local Administrator

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