Newsletter 22 September 2019

Jesus has more to say about money and how we use it than nearly any other ethical or moral matter in the gospels. And Luke the evangelist gives us more of these sayings, parables, and teachings than any other evangelist. Though the steward is being released from his position due to some dishonesty, he now acts in a shrewd way to leverage his remaining resources. He understands quickly that the money in the ledger due to him is better utilized currying favour than being handed over to the master. The master, upon realizing this, does not condemn him for stealing, for after all he was not stealing. Instead, the master admires him. We are advised to be as cunning and creative as this steward. It would be a misreading and a sure misunderstanding to imagine Jesus is encouraging dishonesty. Instead, with our own resources we are to be creative, using wealth for a greater good.   Living Liturgy 2019©

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